DRYCAKE and TEMA Process join force into a strategic alliance to elevate digestate drying in USA and Canada.

This strategic alliance will manage the digestate output from the biogas plant. The TEMA Process Fluidized Bed dryer are used for energy-efficient drying of the digestate using waste heat of biogas plants.

The digestate is dried to reduce weight, reducing storage and transport costs. The dried material can be converted either into organic fertilizer or fuel.





Drycake is global leader in solutions separation since 1995.


DRYCAKE engineered products and services company focused on process equipment and design for Waste Reuse Recovery for municipal and industrial wastewater.

We provide knowledge and a local support network.

Tema is a global leader in drying with hundreds of installations.


TEMA Process B.V. is a specialised design and manufacturing company for Fluid Bed Drying Systems for  drying of  biomass, food/feed, chemical and mineral industry. TEMA Equipment & Plants can successfully used for several products in the Biomass Industry, examples are: Digestate, sludge,  biomass etc.

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