The TWISTER De-packager & Separator allows to separate packaging from food or other organic material.

Anaerobic Digestion


In Northern California, North State Rendering processes all sort of industrial waste in their Twister. Drycake designed a custom in-pit design to fit the project needs

Twister running in California

Dry Digestion and Compost Italy

In this facility the Twister Processes Municipal Solid Waste without water addition. The quality is suitable for Compost or Dry Digestion

MSW Input
Lithuania: Organic Fraction of MSW screened to 80mm. Twister input
Twister Organic Outlet
Lithuania MSW Output
Twister Installation
Twister installed in California. Custom in Pit design
Twister In Pit Loading Design
Twister Configured with loading plates on side for truck to dump directly inside.
Twister Organic Outlet
Twister Organic Outlet
Food Waste unloading
Food Waste Unloading directly into Twister Hopper
Twister Plastic Outlet
Twister Plastic Discharge is by tangential vortex.

Our discharge was customized to the site needs.
Twister Packaging Discharge
Plastic Discharge Twister California
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